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I feel so lucky and proud to be born in the most beautiful city in the world. San Francisco isn't only a city that knows how, it's a city that creates how. Yet, when I'm working in the financial district or walking in a neighborhood, I sometimes feel like a stranger in a strange land. It is rare when I meet someone who is a native; but when I do, we always get a kick out of talking about our San Franciscan roots.

The conversation usually strikes up with excitement as we try to discover a common memory, high school, or person that each of us can relate to in our past. Once there, we are suddenly enriched by the camaraderie we have both discovered.

Several years ago, there was "an article" circulating around the internet entitled, "You know you are a native Sampenciscan if you...". This article generated a lot of excitment...and enthusiasm as it routed through the internet. As the interest levels escalated; and because of my love for San Francisco, I decided to create the San Francisco Native Jamboree. The event ran for 8 successful years and I enjoyed learning about so many people's stories. We have decided to focus on smaller events for the time being because putting on a Jamboree was like putting on a big wedding and after 8 years, it was time to focus on other things!

I hope you enjoy and embrace the spirit of our efforts by engaging in sharing San Francisco memories and nostalgia, making new friends, attending one of our upcoming events.

Best regards,

Debra Mugnani Monroe







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